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all the talk bout thegioi nguoi mau

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You and your golf clubs have been through a lot together: the four person benefit scramble, the company tournament and weekends of enjoyment. They become an integral part of your life so it makes sense to take good care of them. Golf club maintenance is easy and adds years of life to your set by simply keeping them clean.

All you will need is a bucket, some mild dish liquid (not the kind used for automatic dishwashers), an old toothbrush, and some soft towels. It helps to do the cleaning outside so you can rinse them with a water hose, but you may choose to clean them in a bathroom or utility room if the clubs are not too dirty.

First, pour a few drops of dish liquid in the bucket. Add warm water and briskly swish your hand back and forth in the bucket to create warm Wholesale DJ LeMahieu Jersey , sudsy water. Don?t fill the bucket too full. You want the water to cover the heads of your golf clubs, but not much else.

Put your irons into the bucket of warm, sudsy water. Use a cloth to ?bathe? them. It is that simple! Once you have given the clubs a simple wash down, get the toothbrush and scrub the heads to remove dirt from the grooves. Depending on how dirty your clubs are, this might take a little effort and some elbow grease.

Once you have washed your golf clubs and cleaned their grooves, you will need to rinse them. A sprayer works great so if you are outside, simply hose off the soap and dirt with the outdoor water hose. Indoors Wholesale Gerardo Parra Jersey , use the shower. You can simply run them under a faucet inside, too. No matter how you choose to rinse the clubs, make sure you dry them well.

Use another clean cloth and dry the club. Make sure it dries completely to avoid spots and damage.

Clean the handles and any wood work on the golf clubs with a dampened cloth. It is safest not to ever submerge golf club wood work into water. The water might damage the coloring, protective coat or the wood itself.

While your clubs are out, clean out your bag. A quick wipe down of the bag?s interior with a damp cloth is generally all the inside needs. Follow up with a wipe down using a dry cloth. Spot clean the outside of your bag after each golf outing as needed. Once the clubs have been individually washed and dried, return them to the clean bag.

If you think it is silly to wash and dry your golf clubs, look around next time you are at the course. Make note of how many other golfers are playing with clean clubs. They take care of them because the clubs are an instrumental tool of the sport Wholesale Todd Helton Jersey , just like cleaning a gun after a hunting session or target practice.

When you take good care of your golf clubs after each outing, you?ll be ready to hit the greens for your next tee time!

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